10 Secret Study Tips for Examination

10 Secret Study Tips for Examination

Tell the truth. Does examination time for your children feel like it is exam time for you all over again? The buzz, the anxiety, and the somewhat frenzied and tense atmosphere in the house can transport you straight back to your school days. But there are tips and tricks that can help your little one to overcome exam-time fear. 

Let’s look at 10 fool-proof study tips for examination.

Exam Preparation Tips for Students

Read on for some interesting study tips and exam tips. Deal with examination time and the run-up to that ultimate event year after year, and make it easier for both you and your primary or middle-school children.

What is the best time for studying?

All of us know that mornings, when the mind is fresh, is the best time for studying.  Do encourage your child to capitalize on the morning hours.  Yet, be flexible if that does not always work out, or if your child is not a morning person. It would be best if you split and schedule multiple study slots throughout the day, and track what works best. If a specific study slot seems less productive, move it to a different time slot altogether.

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Which is the best place for studying?

A dedicated study room is not always feasible, but you can allocate a small study corner in the child’s room. Firstly, ensure the room is clean and well-ventilated. Decorate it with stuffed toys and motivational posters, to make it feel comforting and motivating. Use desk organizers to keep the desk tidy. A word of caution though:  The child’s room will keep getting messy.  Relax, and do what best you can to tidy it up, but don’t let that overwhelm you or your child.

How to concentrate during an exam?

Keeping the study area free from distractions like gadgets, television, and other audio and visual distractions will have a good payoff when it comes to helping your child concentrate. You can also gamify it, by setting goalposts spread throughout the day. As they hit the goals, they earn points that they can redeem for “buying” screen time or TV time. Fun interludes with STEAM toys can go a long way in helping the child get back to studying with a rejuvenated spirit.


Is it okay to take breaks during study?

You bet it is! For example, if you have scheduled one-hour slots, then it helps to take a 10-20 minute break after half an hour.  But breaks are not very helpful if your child spends them on mobile devices, which will only wear out their energy and tire their eyes. 

Rather, encourage them to play with STEAM toys like this Built-it-Yourself Wooden Microscope. For a break during the evening study slots, this Glow in the Dark STEAM Kit will be fun and energizing. Also, use breaks for refreshments and hydration. Your child also needs extra calories to study for exams.

What are the brain foods for studying and exams?

No study tips and exam tips are helpful if you do not take care of your child’s diet. It should include all kinds of veggies as they contain all the vital nutients.  There are plenty of recipes for using veggies in tasty and innovative homemade snacking options. You can also let your child snack on nuts and fruits. Simple lunches and dinners consisting of rice or roti accompanied by lentils, eggs, salads, and curds will keep them spirited and light. Stay away from processed foods, pizzas, burgers, and carbonated drinks. They hurt the gut in ways that impact overall health, energy, and mood.


This Germ Buster STEAM Toy can help children understand the organs, immunity, and importance of a healthy diet.

Are study buddies helpful?

It doesn’t hurt if children study together with one or more buddies. That way, they will also get to enjoy some time with their friends. You can take turns with other parents to host study sessions for your child and their friends. It can help you leverage peer pressure and a sense of healthy competition, resulting in better outcomes. In the present times, students can have virtual study buddies if it is not possible for them to physically come together and study in one place.

Smartivity’s Mega Science Kit with 108 experiments is a refreshing way of enjoying breaks with study buddies.

How to deal with exam stress?

A healthy diet combined with a steady achievement of study goals should help  ward off exam stress to a great extent. However, some exam stress will be there, because we are only human. Don’t push your child too hard.  Motivate them with pep talk, hugs, cuddles and a lot of love. Smartivity offers a range of STEAM toys that are fun and healthy.  Help your child beat exam blues.

A healthy diet combined

How can a student prepare for exams in 10 days?

Did a health hassle, an unexpected travel, a family function, or other reasons lead to lagging behind in preparing for examinations? In such a situation, how to study effectively for exams at home? The goal should be to make the most of the time, without getting too worked up.

If you have 10 days, spend one day per subject, and allocate time each day to quickly revise the subjects studied in the previous days.  Any balance days can be used for the revision of all subjects. Preferably, work on question banks, or important lessons, if you don’t have time to complete the whole syllabus.

What are some good study tips for finals?

More important than anything else, do not let your child sit up late and miss sleep during final exams. Rather, wake up early, if need be. Schedule slots for two to three subjects per day and let them take refreshment breaks in between.  Let them also have a short outdoor break once in two days or so (a trip to the supermarket or the park), so they can get back to study slots with rejuvenated energy.

What are some quick study tips to succeed on exam day?

Ideally, children should not spend much time studying on exam day. Up to an hour in the morning, at the most, should suffice to quickly skim and scan their books and notes, before they leave for the exam. It may also suffice to just study those portions that they find challenging, and leave out the sections that they are confident about.

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