Clash Of Dragons: A Thrilling Interactive Game From The World Of STEAMVERSE

Clash Of Dragons: A Thrilling Interactive Game From The World Of STEAMVERSE

Pop culture-inspired action figures have been an eternal favourite of children. Generations have grown up with action figures that can bend, twist, move arms, and do all sorts of cool things. Who can forget the awesome plastic figures of Star Wars characters, Marvel Universe or even our good-old Barbie and Ken? 

Action toy meets interactive gameplay

Smartivity’s newest offering, STEAM Warriors: Clash of Dragons, is a true homage to this love for action toys. Clash of Dragons is a two-player interactive game in which two action figures, namely Drogo and Cygon, are caught in an epic battle to gain the control of STEAMVERSE  — an imaginary universe of STEAM learning. Children are required to build the dragons from scratch, put it on consoles and make them fight with each other. The game ends when one of the two players earns five points, thereby emerging victorious.

A worthy sequel

Clash of Dragons is a worthy sequel to Clash of Cyborgs that involved two cyborgs, called Sorcher and Ice Breaker, who were similarly locked in a thrilling battle for the STEAMVERSE. 

This game brings the same thrill of the earlier version with two brand new characters — two mythical dragons. Our STEAM ninjas who have loved the cyborg version of the game will be equally stoked to play with these fearsome creatures.

Meet the dragons

The characters of the gameplay are two fierce dragons - Drogo and Cygon. While Drogo breathes fire, Cygon on the other hand has metallic moves that can counter the fiery fury of Drogo. Both of them are locked in an epic battle that can only have one winner. All they need is a bit of support from our STEAM ninjas.

How to play the game

This DIY interactive game is easy to put together and fun to play. Here are the steps you need to follow to play this game:

  • Start with putting together the dragons with the parts included in the kit.
  • Attach the dragons to the consoles. 
  • Get ready for the fight between two dragons. 
  • To fight, you need to pull the levers to control your dragon and land a blow on the other one. 
  • When a dragon’s head pops out the other player gets a point.
  • Similarly, when a dragon falls off, the opponent gets a point
  • The player who scores 5 points wins the game. 

Learn, explore and do more

Each Smartivity toy or a game is made with utmost care, and comes with a host of STEAM learnings. Clash of Dragons is no different. Through the means of a thrilling gameplay, the toy explicates scientific concepts of gears, elasticity and centrifugal forces in a fun and engaging manner.  STEAM learning, as per experts, is the future of education as it emphasises application-based education rather than rote learning. Clash of Dragons imbibes the spirit of this learning in the best possible manner.


Clash of Dragons is the perfect game for children of 6+ years. Get your little one this cool new kit this Christmas and watch him have a gala time. Easy to build and fun to play with, this game would soon become the new favourite of your kid. 

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