Electro Play Lab: The Smartest Way to Learn About Electricity

Electro Play Lab: The Smartest Way to Learn About Electricity

Discovering the little secrets of nature must be a part of every child’s formative years. It not only makes learning fun but also keeps them engaged. Smartivity’s all-new 8-in-1 Electro Play Lab Toy kit is a STEAM-based DIY activity kit that allows children to figure out the properties of electricity and make sense of how electric currents work. It is one of the most unique electricity toys available in the market today that combine principles of learning with the joys of collaborative play. 

Why is STEAM learning important for kids?

STEAM learning is pivotal in a child’s transformative cycle, as per child behavior experts. With its entire foundation focused on logic and creativity, a child tends to learn better by applying reasoning, cognitive skills, and thinking out of the box. STEAM-based learning brings five significant science fields together in order to create a comprehensive learning environment that lets the child use the left and the right sides of their brains simultaneously. 

From collaboration with peers to critical thinking, from problem-solving to decoding complex scientific concepts, STEAM education familiarizes your child with skills that go really far in life.

Electro Play Lab: STEAM-Based Learning at its Best 

Electro Play Lab


Keeping in mind the importance of STEAM learning, Smartivity has come up with a range of toys that introduce your child to the skills of the future by powering up their brains in far more exciting ways than just theories and books. The latest in the collection is Smartivity Electro Play Lab - one of the smartest toys about electricity available in the market. This 8-in-1 DIY kit makes your little one master the complex concepts of electricity, current, conductors, insulators, and circuits while simplifying them for lifelong learning. 

8+ Activities on One Electricity Game Board

Smartivity Electro Lab

Smartivity Electro Play Labs consists of two parts: Volt-E and Play Lab, and has a total of 8+ activities, experiments, and fun toys, all related to electricity. 

It comes with an exciting robotic figure and an electricity game board that teaches your child about the flow of electrons through various materials and their behavior. The kit also comes with labels that your child can stick on various objects in order to segregate conductors from insulators and truly get in the skin of this electric science. It’s fun to learn and apply almost instantaneously! 

Volt-e also has a fun water experiment, a bugger alarm experiment, electrical circuits for kids, and more! All in all, this is one electricity game board your child would love to own. 

Learn and Play with Electricity Games

Smartivity Electro Lab

Electro Play Lab comes with a handful of fun games and experiments that strengthen the concepts of science. 

  • For instance, Circuit Painting improves fine motor skills and teaches your child about various kinds of circuit series and parallels. 
  • Electricity Maze helps your child understand about the power grid and how electricity reaches our homes.
  • Buzz Wire is a fun family game that focuses on improving fine motor skills while letting you spend a fun family hour. 
  • Hit the Target lets your kid shoot and improve fine motor skills by making them understand how the switches work from the inside. 

All in all, Electro Play Lab is a great toy kit for your little engineer in making. Buy it for him, and watch him switch between learning and playtime while he falls in love with electricity toys all over again.  

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