Make Biology Fun For Kids With Smartivity Germ Buster

Make Biology Fun For Kids With Smartivity Germ Buster

Make Biology Fun For Kids With Smartivity Germ Buster


Familiarity with the human body and its organs is important for children. It can help them understand how the body functions so that they can make informed decisions about their own.  


Unfortunately, biology lessons in schools can often be confusing. Young children can have a tough time understanding all the essential information regarding the human organs, cells, microorganisms and suchlike. Wouldn’t it be great if one can make biology fun for kids? 



Smartivity’s latest offering, Germ Buster, aims to do just that. It is a 5-in-1 DIY STEM toy kit that helps your child get familiar with the fundamentals of human anatomy in a fun and engaging manner. 


Involving five interactive game plays, this toy kit lets your child unravel multiple concepts and functions of the human body, including the hierarchy of organs and their role in fighting germs. It also helps them refine their gross motor skills, improve their hand-eye coordination and explore gear mechanisms.In short, this toy is a fun spin on the biology lessons that children have come to dread.  


Smartivity Germ Buster is an interactive science game that introduces the concepts related to human organs and the immunity system to your child. 

The game comes in two parts: card-based game plays and physical interaction-based game plays. While the card games teach your child all about the organs, functions, and anatomy, the interactive games challenge them with puzzles and roleplays and urge them to apply the knowledge and skills to real-life situations. 


That’s not all! This science game for students also comes with a scoreboard to keep a track of the score.


Fun and learning go hand in hand in this toy kit that includes the following exciting games:

The Card Games:

Learn the hierarchy of organs

The human body and its functions are so vast and complex that it is difficult for kids to understand and retain all the information after reading only a chapter or two. Memory cards that contain useful nuggets of information along with explanatory illustrations can be helpful in teaching kids about vital organs. 


The first game in Smartivity Game Buster is, therefore, a card game that teaches your child the importance and hierarchy of the organs in their body. With colourful illustrations and simplified information, your 6-year-old will be able to remember the complex anatomy only after a few rounds of this card game.


Know the placement of vital organs


The second card game in Smartivity Gem Buster aims to introduce the concept of the placement of each organ and its location in relation to the other organs. It comes in a fun 2-player format and is one of the few biology games that you can pick up for your little child to help them understand the location of vital organs.

Improve your kid’s memory

The final card game urges children to apply their knowledge and improve their attention span, memory, and information-retaining skills. The complexity of the human body might seem daunting in books but with the best stem toys in their toy closet, they will always be acing their biology class in no time!

Interactive Games


Enjoy a fun trivia about organs 

With a unique puzzle format, the first interactive game in the Smartivity Germ Buster targets the fundamental concepts of human biology. The child understands and learns the placement of each organ in the body with fun trivia that highlights the facts and functions. The game also shares information on how to keep the respective organs in good shape and health.

Indulge in role play 

This stem toy for 6 year olds comes in a fun role-play format. It not only encourages the child to interact within the game but also with their surroundings. By challenging the child to protect the organs from the germs with the help of a shooter, this game boosts their ability to understand projectile motion, improves their hand-eye coordination, and refines their gross motor skills. It also comes with a scoreboard that lets them keep a track of all their wins and challenges.



STEAM learning shapes the foundation of child development and offers lifelong skills. Research shows that the concepts learnt in the formative years through STEAM learning are extremely impactful in the development of a child’s scientific thinking and critical skills. The fun games also make all the complex information and concepts friendly enough for them to remember. 


Smartivity’s educational STEM toys are carefully designed keeping in mind the best practices of core skills and STEM learning at its core. Germ Buster is one of the few games on science that make human anatomy fun and let your child look at biology in excitement.


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