Multi-Builds Hydraulic Kit: Seven Hydraulic Games in One Toy

Multi-Builds Hydraulic Kit: Seven Hydraulic Games in One Toy

Quality playtime is integral to a child’s development, especially during the formative pre-teen and teenage years. While pretty much everything is going to attract their curious minds, it is important to pick the right toys and games to keep them hooked. 

One way to keep their mind’s engaged is through open-ended play. As the term suggests, open-ended play focuses on simply one thing - playing without boundaries. It challenges them to think outside the box and use their imagination to solve real-life problems.

Based on the concept of open-ended play, Smartivity has launched a new range of toys called Multi-Builds, the first of which teaches children the mechanical power of fluids through seven hydraulic games in just one kit. 

With imagination and creativity at its center, the kit opens a portal to endless building possibilities. From prank gadgets to flying bird toys, your child can create as many as seven mega builds and an infinite number of small builds, while learning all about the mechanical power of fluids at the same time. 


What is hydraulics in simple terms?

Hydraulics is the branch of science that deals with the effects of liquid in motion - a complex concept usually taught to middle-school students. In hydraulic-based systems, mechanical movement is produced by liquids moving through hydraulic cylinders with the help of pistons. 


What are the different parts of the Multi-Builds Hydraulics Kit?

Smartivity’s Multi-Builds: Hydraulics Kit comes with real-life implementation of this mechanical function through seven building modules, each of which pertain to a particular mechanical action. This 7-in-1 Kit comprises 200+ safe, replaceable, wooden parts. The kit consists of seven design modules:

Flapping Device

Smartivity multi builds


The next toy in the kit is a flying bird toy that teaches your kid the concept of an automaton or automata. This static little machine works on the principles of hydraulics and truly triggers the imagination of your little one with bonus storytelling skills. Just ask them to weave a new story every time!

Stamp Machine

Smartivity Multi builds

This little hand stamp machine lets your child work on their art and craft skills. With different stamps for craft and their own little hand stamp machine, they get to understand how printing works.

Batting Machine

Smartivity Multi builds

The Batting Machine is an interactive 2-player game that comes with a Ball Launcher and a Hitting Bat. Similar to cricket, this batting toy offers a fast-paced playtime for kids. Make way for endless ball bat games because this little device gets only better once they learn the basics of gear mechanisms.

Lift Ramp

Smartivity Multi builds

A simple hydraulics lift that turns into a ramp, has a small car, and an elevator. It’s gotta be fun when they imagine driving the car and take it to different levels. Race them, launch them, drive them, on repeat with this thrilling car ramp game

Ball Catapult

Smartivity Multi builds

Next in the kit is an amalgamation of catapult and basketball. The hydraulics trigger the entire gear mechanism in this little basketball game for kids that moves the arm that launches the ball. It also lets you track scores for some tough competitions!

Gadget Glasses

Smartivity Multi builds

Probably the quirkiest out of all the hydraulics toys, these glasses are powered by the splitting of water in two different paths that raise the frame up and down without the need of touching them. Get ready to see them flaunt their favorite glasses toys and while they boast about their scientific skills!

 Prank Gadget

Smartivity Multi builds

 A simple toy to understand motion by water pressure. The characters, chameleon or spider, add loads of fun to the learning with prank gadgets!

The idea behind our range of Multi-Builds toys is to push the concept of Build, Break, and Transform - a simple approach to let them keep building anything and everything from their imagination. If a child’s imagination knows no bounds, why must their playtime? Let your little scientist explore the wonders of nature and learn from seven hydraulic games from just one kit. 

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