Why are STEM toys trending as the best Diwali Gift Ideas for Kids?

Why are STEM toys trending as the best Diwali Gift Ideas for Kids?

Diwali is celebrated with much fervour and fanfare all over India. The festival of lights is especially popular among kids who enjoy bursting crackers and lighting diyas (lamps) to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. Diwali is also a great time to make your loved ones feel even more special by offering them interesting gifts. Kids, particularly, look forward to receiving gifts every Diwali.


Is It Traditional to Give Gifts For Diwali? 

Giving gifts on Diwali is a well-established tradition. Gifts given on Diwali are not merely material objects, but also good wishes and blessings received from the elders of the family. There is a lot of sentimental value associated with the gifts exchanged on the occasion. Thus, everybody takes time to think before giving gifts to their loved ones. Diwali gifts should ideally be things that bring joy to their lives and do justice to their wait and excitement for receiving such gifts.   


What Is The Best Gift to Give On Diwali?

Diwali gift


If you are searching for the best Diwali gift ideas for your little ones, you can think of investing in kids' educational toys to further bolster their learning. You can consider our innovative Diwali gift ideas for kids that could light up your young one’s face and prove to be useful at the same time. 

Kids adore Diwali for a number of reasons - right from enjoying a day off to receiving sweets and gifts, and playing games that add to the celebrations. If you are planning to offer something unique to your kids this Diwali, there is a myriad of options for amazing Diwali gifts that you can consider. One of them is STEM toys/STEAM toys to improve your child’s cognitive thinking skills.   

Kids are indeed creative and curious in their thoughts and actions. As such, go for something that is not only interesting but educational at the same time. The gift should be fun-filled while being meaningful at the same time. It should impart some wholesome values while making learning an enjoyable experience. Therefore, parent-child bonding with STEM toys can be a great option.


Reasons You Should Invest in STEM Toys for Your Child 

As a parent, you must have come across the term, “STEM toys” several times. These educational toys help in imparting insights into technology, science, math, and engineering concepts to young minds. Right from boosting STEM-based interest to improving cognitive performance, to propelling children to attain a life of success, different parents will have different motivations to invest in STEM toys for their little ones.  

If you are looking for interesting Diwali gifts for kids, you may consider investing in educational toys or STEM toys to enrich their experience. Here are some more reasons to help you make a purchasing decision: 


  • Stimulation of Cognitive Learning: In most cases, schools or educational institutions are responsible for instilling new concepts and in-depth information in kids. However, the ongoing education system usually pays overwhelming importance to memorizing facts and figures.

 Cognitive Learning

  • Contrastingly, STEM toys/STEAM toys give relevance to fundamental concepts while blending the lessons with fun-filled playtime lessons. For instance, you can consider the Amazing Science Lab Kit by Smartivity. Rather than imparting the concepts of science through boring textbooks or lectures, kids get to understand interesting experiments as well as experiential learning.


  • Promoting Family Bonding: There is no denying the fact that STEM can be a slightly difficult concept to grasp for amateur learners. This is why most STEM toys prescribe parental guidance. These kids' educational toys help parents assist their children in STEM-related activities and foster an atmosphere of family-bond. 

    STEM toy diwali gift


  • You can look forward to achieving seamless parent-child bonding with STEM toys. It is because these DIY toys will require the intervention of parents to help their kids through playtime. Completion of experiments that involve complex concepts would be more enjoyable if parents are present to explain the lessons. In the end, playtime with kids is always time well-


  • Training Dexterity and Motor Skills: STEM toys are helpful in exercising the mind of a child. At the same time, they are also helpful in improving the coordination skills of your little ones. Dexterity (the overall confidence to use hands while playing) is crucial for children. While most toys are capable of exercising the fingers and hands of the little ones, STEM toys add more effort toward developing the motor skills of the kids.                                    Diwali gift                                                                                                                                      
  • Toys involving gears or twistable knobs are the best instances of dexterity-development tools. They also help in developing spatial reasoning along with relevant hand-eye coordination while getting engaged in educational toy tinkering to induce intellectual development.


  • Delivering Open-ended Play Experience: STEM toys/STEAM toys motivate kids to extend their imagination levels while tapping into the limits of their immense creativity. Most STEM toys, like construction educational toys, allow children to build the most creative structures out of their imagination. Other tools like microscopes for kids at Smartivity to motivate kids, to satiate their inquisitive nature by exploring their surroundings close up can also be used.                                                                                                  microscope smartivity                                                                                                                         
  • The open-ended experience for kids helps in developing their creative thinking while building their overall confidence to ensure rapid learning. The entire experience also trains their young brains to search for innovative solutions while encountering complex problems or situations.  

Kids’ Educational Toys to Purchase This Diwali

With relevant tips to invest in top-quality STEM toys, here are some of the best Diwali gift ideas for kids that you can consider:  

Amazing Science Lab (Age 6+ Years)

  • The Amazing Science Lab kit helps in developing the learning skills of your child by inculcating the basic concepts of science, technology, math, and cognitive thinking.  
  • This kit by Smartivity combines the magic of science with the creativity and imagination of young minds.
  • The kit contains around 44 amazing science-based experiments including acids, bases, polymers, properties of water, and so more to keep the little scientist curious throughout.
  • The toy set is available with an easy-to-follow instruction guide that allows your kid to explore and learn new concepts rapidly.
  • This Diwali, your little ones can learn some new science-based concepts out of the educational toy set by Smartivity.


Pinball Machine  ( 8+Years)  

  • The Pinball Machine brings the fun of the arcade home. 
  • Children can build their own miniature version of the traditional pinball machine by following step-by-step instructions.
  • The machine is the perfect tool to learn the mechanics of gears, momentum and energy
  • It is also the best STEM toy to be given as a Diwali gift for your little one. It helps them improve their reflex action and critical thinking. 


Smartivity Mini Football (Age 6+ Years)  

  • Fast-paced and action-oriented, Smartivity’s Mini Football is one of the coolest Diwali gift ideas for your little one.
  • Based on real-life gameplay, this DIY activity kit allows your kid to assemble a mini football stadium and play a thrilling game of passing the ball.
  • Kids can learn all about deflection, momentum and motion transfer.
  • The kit is built on the principle of STEM learning that, among other things, improves engineering and motor skills. 


Mechanical Hand (Age 8+ Years)  

  • Smartivity’s Mechanical Hand Toy is the perfect Diwali gift that helps your child easily understand the workings of ligaments, muscles and tendons.
  • Build your very own wooden mechanical hand that works just like the real one.
  • Fun gameplay with the mechanical hand that teaches kids fundamentals of biomimicry and human anatomy.
  • Pick up things with the mechanical hand and try to build fun structures using blocks.  


Space Rocket Toy (Age 6+ Years) 

  • Smartivity’s Space Rocket Toy allows kids to make their own wooden rocket and launcher.
  • These toys make amazing Diwali gifts for kids above the age of six.
  • Not only can kids make rockets they can also launch their own space mission.
  • They can learn all about thrust, propulsion and gravity in a fun and exciting way.



We hope that you find the amazing Diwali gifts for your little ones that excite them and bring out their best. You can now show your kids how much they mean to you by gifting them a unique gift this Diwali. You can put some thought into the purchasing decision by picking the best interactive gift for your little ones. Smartivity is here to help with an interactive range of the best STEM toys/STEAM toys to encourage cognitive learning while focusing on playtime fun as well.   


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